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Orthotics  or arch inserts, come in many varieties:  store-bought (Dr. Scholls, Good Feet Store), and custom-made.

It is my belief that the custom-made orthotics are better for two reasons: they are made to fit your foot exactly, and two, you can buy less expensive shoes to put the more expensive custom-made inserts into.

The sole of most shoes today are made of rubber or some similar compound.  This sole has air bubbles in it that will pop like bubble wrap over time.  The average life of a rubber sole is about 3 months of steady wear.  Expensive shoes are just as flat as cheap shoes.

You can buy expensive $300 shoes without custom-made inserts or buy $25 shoes with $300 inserts and have a better buy.  The inserts can be put in all of your shoes and can last for up to 4 years.

Our office proudly offers Foot Levelers orthotics!