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Parkinson’s Disease is caused by a foot injury.  This information is not well known, and is denied by the medical profession,  However; I have been treating Parkinson’s patients since 1999 for a foot injury as the cause and have had amazing results.  This information was first announced by Janice Walton-Hadlock, an acupuncturist in Santa Cruz, CA , and is available at her web site, www.pdrecovery.org. This treatment is given by using an energetic method called Yin Tui Na, which caused vibration at a very low frequency to the injury and allows the foot to release its blockages. The main Qi pathway or meridian is the stomach meridian.  It flows from the lower part of the orbit of the eye (eye socket) and travels down the body to the foot and ends on the second toe.  The blockage seems to be most often at the top of the arch where the foot meets the ankle.

I was able to participate in a study of acupuncture and Parkinson’s Disease with the Kansas University Medical Center and the study showed a 67% improvement in the quality of life over a six month period.  All of the patients I saw were able to reduce their medications during that time, usually by half.

I am excited to help those suffering the symptoms of this condition and look forward to helping them to overcome this disease.