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Chiropractic Wellness Care

There are three causes of dis-ease: Stress, stress and STRESS!  Physical stress is caused by falls, car accidents and other physical trauma.  Chemical stress is caused by what we eat, breathe and drink. Emotional stress is from relationships, work, irritating people and other situations.  These cause our bodies to work harder and in a different way than is healthy.

My job as your chiropractor is to advise you in the best ways to counter these stresses.  Adjustments, nutritional testing and counseling and stress reduction and relaxation techniques are the methods that create the best results and wellness.

Our spirits live in the most amazing location on the planet: our body!  It has the ability to grow, heal and protect us from illness.  

The healing that we do comes from within.  “I have never seen a doctor put a scab on a cut” is a phrase that all my patients hear (probably more than once)!  

My expectation for each of my patients is to experience an improvement of their health from the things that I do for them.

Wellness is a choice that I encourage all of my patients to make.  It involves a change in lifestyle which may include:

However, if one side is out of sync; such as the structure, disharmony is created and the body, mind and spirit are not equally represented which can cause symptoms and lead to dis-ease.

In good health, we are all equilateral triangles.  Each side; structural, emotional and nutritional will cause a harmonious body, mind and spirit.